Tuesday, April 9, 2013

NaPoWriMo #9: Dance, Princess, Dance

Dance, princess, dance
Under starlit canopies:
Golden trunks, silver leaves.
Clover made of amethyst.

Twirl, princess, twirl.
Scent of peaches, apples red,
Cherries resting in their bed.
Wine-filled goblets set in pearl.

Lurch, princess, lurch
Near a pool, but don't look in
If you dare not see your sin.
Revel only in your mirth.

Pant, princess, pant.
Snake-filled branches, rotting fruit,
Demons gnashing teeth at you.
Spells you cannot disenchant.

Fall, princess, fall
to your pillow, sleep's your friend.
We will find you soon again.
Tattered slippers fill the hall.

--April 8, 2013
Prompt: Noir.  This is a fantasy poem, but I think it has a Noir undertone.  I wrote it last night.

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