Saturday, July 8, 2017

A New Voice in Dark Fantasy: Sean M. Hogan

A week ago, my good friend Sean M. Hogan published his first novel on Amazon, The Crow Behind the Mirror. Now, you'd think that accomplishment would be enough, but he also decided to publish two other works at the same time: a novella called The Marauder and a book of short stories titled The Devil, the Grim Reaper, and a Ghost.

I first met Sean when he walked into the Brea Library Writer's Club, and from the beginning, his work just blew me away. I thought, Why doesn't this guy already have his book in Barnes and Noble? Later, when he joined my writing group, The Pendragons, he was a machine, constantly bringing in new chapters. Sean's forte is dark fantasy, and he can write humor, drama, and horror--and sometimes all three at once--but he never lets go of the character's humanity. He's got one of the strongest eyes for description I've ever seen.

I've reviewed his work in this blog and on Amazon. Obviously, I know him and want him to succeed, but more than that, I think his work is amazing and I hope people will discover him and fall in love with the complex world he's created.

Currently, The Devil, the Grim Reaper, and a Ghost and The Marauder are both 99 cents on Amazon, and The Crow Behind the Mirror is $2.99, but all three will be FREE on Monday, July 10th and Tuesday, July 11th. If you're uncertain or broke, you can pick them up then. But if you can afford it, buy it now, since they really are a bargain buy. And remember to review.

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