Wednesday, April 3, 2013

NaPoWriMo #3: Silly Shanty

The first time I swam in the ocean,
I got swallowed by a whale.
She brought me to the very bottom,
And that's where I begin this tale.

I met with Poseidon and his daughters.
They didn't like the sight of me.
So they shooed me to a desert isle
with a single coconut tree.

I had no companions save for Ginger,
my pretty little calico cat.
But one day a coconut fell from the tree,
and my pretty little Ginger went splat.

Pirates sailed to my island.
They were searching for lost gold.
But I stole their ship while they dug and dug
And I left them out in the cold.

I sailed to Tahiti and New Zealand.
And then to the island of Japan.
A samurai showed me how to use a sword,
but I missed and sliced open a man.

His family swore to have their vengeance.
They slew me and stuck me on a pole.
My soul slipped down into Hades,
Where Cerebus devoured me whole.

Saint Peter came to read my misdeeds.
He told me I'd done so very wrong.
He asked me what I regretted the most,
And I said, "Ever writing down this song."

--April 3, 2013
Prompt: A Sea Shanty (A rhymed, rythmic song of the sea)

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