Thursday, January 1, 2015

Evaluation of 2014 Goals

Last Year’s Goals and Dreams

 Get Published!

  •  Revise and Submit "Kinuyo and the Kitsune," "Second Chance," "Necklace," "Julia Kaiser," and 1 more to Ether
  •  Self-Publish "Lucidity" on Amazon
  •  Learn how to Format
  •  Learn how to Design Covers
  •  Create an Author Page
  •  Write and/ or Revise Short Stories for Other Magazines/ Contests  
How’d I Do?
·         Published “Necklace,” “Second Chance,” and “Julia Kaiser” on Ether
·         Published “Immortal” on Daily Science Fiction
·         Finished all preparation to publish The Changelings
Final Evaluation:
Finish the 2nd Draft of The Originals (At Least the Middle Section)
 (Est. Pages: 400-600)

  •  Read/ Critique Previous Draft 
  •  Brainstorm Backstory/ Background 
  •  Create Maps and Collect Images
  •  Research (Climate, Armies, Revolution, Disease, Etc.)
  •  Write 
How’d I Do?
·         Two Months of notes in January and February
·         200 pages in April Nano
·         200 pages in Nov Nano
·         Middle Section Complete; Ending yet to come
Final Evaluation:

Finish Three Floating Coffins 
 (Est. Pages: 150)

  •  Start/ Finish "Isle of Darkness" Segment
  •  Start/ Finish Ending
  •  Revise Opening Chapters
How’d I Do?
·         Finished Isle of Darkness
·         Finished Ending (Longer than I thought)
·         Read/ Evaluate Draft
Final Evaluation:

 Increase Income

  •  Explore New Job Options (Back to Drawing Board)
  •  Career Assessment
  •  Temp job in the summer?
How’d I Do?
·         Got hired by Placentia Yorba-Linda District
·         Fundraised through Pubslush
·         Sold cards
Final Evaluation:

 Agents and Self-Publishing

  •  Research and Query 20-30 Agents
  •  If Rejected, Make Plans for Publishers and/ or Self-Publishing
  •  If Accepted... Figure out What to Do Next!
  •  Keep Agent Info... Might Need it for Coffins!
How’d I Do?
·         Made a decision to Self-Publish in spring
·         Revised Changelings
·         Hired Editor
·         Hired Cover Artist
·         Read manuscript outloud/ final edit
·         Hired Mapmaker
·         Fundraised for ISBNs
·         Formatted
·         Ready to publish on Kindle January 2015
Final Evaluation:

Write Manzanar Ghost Story
 (Est. Pages: 50-100)

  •  Gather Research/ Research Blog?
  •  Brainstorm
  •  Write the Story (Use a NaNoWriMo if Necessary)
How’d I Do?
·         Didn’t do a damn thing
Final Evaluation:

 Go to Literary Orange and Los Angeles Festival of Books

  •  Plan for the Day
  •  Take Lots of Notes
  •  Blog Afterward
How’d I Do?
·         Went to Literary Orange
·         Blogged extensively for Literary Orange
·         Didn’t go to Festival of Books, due to illness
Final Evaluation:

 Get Company Critiqued

  •  Self-Critique
  •  Find Online Critique Group
  •  Find Other Readers
  •  Decide What To Do With It
How’d I Do?
·         Joined OC Writers Inklings
·         Got all of Company critiqued
·         Self-Critique/ Evaluation
·         Went to Big Bear for setting info.
Final Evaluation:



  •  Weekly Update
  •  Additional Content Twice a Month (Reviews, Dissecting Fantasy, Travel, Etc.)
  •  Read/ Comment on Other Blogs 
  •  Research Blog?
How’d I Do?
·         Weekly Updates
·         Content Updates
·         Started Blog for OC Writers
Final Evaluation:

  • Practice Japanese (Very rarely)
  •  Lose Weight (Lost some, but it didn’t stick)
  • Get My Own Apartment and Dog (No)
  • Compile Information on Bakumatsu into Blog (Ha—no)
  • Write Spin-Off Story About Gryphons (Oddly, I got some of it done during Nov Nanowrimo)
  •  Get Coffins to Agents (I didn’t even get it to Michelle)
  • Make Money off My Writing (Yes—well, $76, but still)
  • Learn How to Network, Market, Platform, and Sell (I don’t feel like I made much progress here)
Other Notable Events
·         My sister got married
·         My cousin got married
·         Aunt lost job
·         Three root canals
·         Began research on Counterfeit Diamond
·         Visited Oklahoma

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