Saturday, December 20, 2014

Weekly Update: 12-20-14 The Dreamy End

As the year ends, I find it harder and harder to focus on tasks. My mind dreams ahead to all the possibilities of 2015. One of the things I started to look into was learning German. Even I know how difficult it is to learn a langage on your own, and I half expect to fail at it miserably. But it's also a new challenge, one I haven't had in a while. I want to go to Germany in the next few years, but for me, it's not enough to simply enjoy the pretty buildings. I have to understand the culture of the country, and that means having even a poor understanding of the language.

In the meantime, I'm planning local day trips to satiate my travel bug, while I save money for a European vacation. I'd like to do a library crawl, catch some festivals, go to museums. Often I try to sneak in some research for a story. Last year, I went to Big Bear to soak in some setting for Company. This year, I'd like to do some research on Indonesia for Counterfeit Diamond.  Not the easiest culture to find.

I've also been cleaning the house, baking cookies, watching movies, subbing for Japanese, making cards, and hanging out with family and friends. In short, everything but writing. That's fine. Writing season is closed for the year and probably won't re-open until 2015. By which time The Changelings will be pubished. And I'll be another decade older. Hooray?

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