Saturday, December 6, 2014

Weekly Update: 12-6-14 Rain

On Tuesday morning, a rare phenomenom drizzled over the air of Southern California. Rain. It spattered and drenched the asphalt in sparkling black puddles. I got to use my umbrella for about the fourth time since I brought it from Japan. It didn't stop my backpack from getting sopping wet. My post-it notes are still wrinkled together.

I had four days of substitute work. During that time, I re-read my Three Floating Coffins story and tried to figure out future corrections. Good lord, I have to re-write the whole first half of my novel. The second half is better, but I still need to tear it up and re-write key scenes. Formatting for The Changelings is proving more troublesome than I thought. And I haven't even begun to get a Christmas shopping list together.

All in all, I'm feeling pretty stressed out this week.

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