Saturday, December 13, 2014

Weekly Update: 12-13-14 More Rain

Rain smattering on my window woke me up at 4:30 yesterday morning. I can't remember the last time rain woke me. I want to say sometime when I was living in Japan, but I doubt that was it was that far back. The sight of rivulettes puldsing through the gutters alarmed me enough to throw off the covers and check on the dogs, but they were tucked deep in thir houses, where the rain couldn't hurt them

This is the second week its rained, which means, for California, we are in the middle of the wet season. This is how little used to rain we are: when I came to school on Friday, with a jacket and umbrella, the secretary and her assistant spent five minutes debating the best route I should take to get my classroom without getting wet. Later in class, a student broke the unspoken rule to roll up the blinds and stare in fascination as the droplets that fell. At little after noon, when the drain stopped, the students were still amazed by the sight of sunlight breaking through clouds and shining over puddles.

* * *

Last time I wrote, rather tongue-in-cheek, about procrastination. Then I decided to take my own advice, so to speak. My whiteboard is stacked with a gloomily long To-Do List, but I seem to want to do every task that isn't urgent or important. Things like: writing my daydreams in my 
idea journal, starting my Christmas shopping, studying Japanese, and planning a trip to Europe I want to take in 3 years. Meanwhile, I've put off the thing I need most to do (Formatting) off to the weekend.

Despite this, I did finish reading/ critiquing the whole 200 page mauscript of Company, and the beginning of the Originals, start re-writing the first two chapters of Three Floating Coffins, and held down three substitute jobs. I did do a little bit of formatting stuff done, too, such as reading the Kindle Direct Publishing contract and making sure the cover loaded properly. So it ended up not being that hopeless of a week. 

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