Saturday, January 10, 2015

Weekly Update: 1-10-15 New Year, New Routine

No subbing jobs this week, but that's all right, because I had plenty to do between writing and trying to implement all my New Year's resolutions.

Writing hit like a deluge. I finished new drafts of Chapters 2-5 of my Coffins story, right on schedule, but then I decided to sit down on Wednesday and re-write all of Chapter 1 of The Originals (about 20 pages), which was not planned. Then on Friday, I revised one short story, wrote up another one, and tinkered with a couple more. I don't know if I was just full of ideas or secretly procrastinating all the stuff I didn't want to do (like thank you notes), but at any rate, my writing cup overflowed.

At the same time, I was slowly phasing in new life improvements.

Phase One was learning German, which I actually got a head start on in December. I've been faithfully visiting Duolingo every morning, and I've downloaded "Lass jetzt los," the German version of "Let It Go" off itunes. I've even found a favorite German phrase: "Morgen, Morgen, nur nicht huete, sagan alle faulen Luete," which sounds like a nursery rhyme and literally means: "Tomorrow, tomorrow, just not today, says all the lazy people."

Phase Two has been uncluttering my mind from addictive junk. I got rid of Candy Crush (all 600 levels of it) and stopped watching TV. It's actually weird to have so much silence and stillness around me. It lets in the doubts and the fears and the guilts that the blare of the TV numbed. I'm still adjusting to that.

Phase Three is health. I assembled a new crop of low-calorie recipes from and Cooking Light and planned out the rest of the month's menu accordingly. Today, I started counting calories on the MyFitnessPal app and took a long walk to the park.

I'm still working on getting my publishing business in order and figuring out my career path. But I can only inact so many changes at a time. What worries me more is whether or not the changes will stick. It's very hard for me to be disciplined without a tangible goal in mind. Right now, though, I'm feeling pretty good and I hope I'll be able to continue on this newly plowed path.

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