Thursday, July 10, 2014

Winter Dragonfly Press

Today I registered Winter Dragonfly Press as my Fictitious Business Name (Doing Business As...)
 with the Orange County Recorder. This is the first step to setting up my own publishing business.

Why Winter Dragonfly?
Because I Googled Red Dragonfly and found the name was already taken.  I thought about carrying on the color theme with Crimson Dragonfly or Autumn Dragonfly. I decided to go with winter, because it has the most personal meaning (I was born in January) and because it sounded the best.
It was simple enough to go on the website and fill out the information. The fee for registering is only $23 and its good for 5 years. The next step is to go to the Orange County Recorder Office (the North branch is in Fullerton) and complete the process. Then I'll have to run an ad in the paper announcing my new name. My uncle, who's done this before, assurees me that it's cheap. Guess we'll find out.
After that, I'll have my own shiny business, I'll be able to open my own bank account, and I'll have something to put under "Publisher" when Amazon asks.

* * *


Bright and shiny Monday morning, I visited the Record Office in downtown Fullerton. It's adjacent to a little bakery that participated in Cupcake Wars. Anyway, just after 9:00 AM, I turned in my paperwork, flashed my ID, and paid the $23 fee.

They gave me a list of newspapers where I could publish. Unfortnately, none of them had a price. Or a web address. To get a hold of them, we had to call. (I say we because I, chicken that I am, made my aunt do it.) The first three papers all quoted the same price: $45. I just picked one at random. First we had to fax them the DBA form (which meant hauling it to our local office supply store), and then we had to call to give them my credit card number. It was kind of a pain and it took more time than I'd have liked.  But it's done. I think.


City fee: $23
Newspaper ad: $45
Fax: $1.49

Total: $69.49

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