Saturday, July 5, 2014

Weekly Update: 7-5-14 Business Plan

June passed in a disorganized blur and I was determined not to let the rest of the summer do the same, so I spent this week putting together a Summer Schedule and Pre-Publishing Plan. It was agonizing. Like tearing off layers of denial. I felt overwhelmed and guilty for procrastinating, which only made me want to procrastinate more. But after a couple of sleepless nights and Law and Order Marathons, I finally cobbled together something workable.

I hope to independently publish The Changelings by January 2, 2015, an important date for me. I need to figure out how to put the product together and market it. I've decided to put off figuring out the marketing stuff until fall, using the  summer to do things like:
  • Finish editing
  • Creating my own Business 
  • Figuring out Templating and Layout
  • Figuring out how to upload to Digital Reader and/or Print on Demand
  • Fundraising to pay for expenses
As far as writing goes, my main focus is going to be editing The Changelings and finishing Three Floating Coffins. However, the research and reading portion of my mind has snapped into action. Thanks to the library summer reading program, I checked out a bunch of books and began brainstorming a story tentatively named Counterfeit Diamond, which I might set in a ripped-off version magical of Dutch-colonized Indonesia. At any rate, expect lots of book reviews, and if some center around the Dutch East India Company, you'll know why.

I spent the 4th of July at my parent's house. The only fireworks I saw were on the drive home, from the car window, which was not as terrible as it sounds. The city unfurled its lights around us and little sparklies blossomed in the air. This happened not in one central location but everywhere. 180 degrees of tiny fireworks shooting just over the skyline, like some piece of the city decided it could fly. With the window rolled down, I could smell the powder and hear the crackles and whistles. Not as satisfying as having it explode in front of you, but mesmorizing nonetheless.

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