Friday, March 29, 2013

Weekly Update: 3/29/13

My room's a mess.  I have correspondence piled up.  Laundry from two days ago sits wrinkling in my chair.  My nails have been bitten down to the quick.  My weekly planner, where I write down my day to day activities, is mostly blank.  In sum, another poor week.

Let me tell you, I can't wait for March to be finished.  It has not been a productive month for me.  My hope is that once it's gone and out of my system, I'll be able to accomplish things again.  It's probably a pipe dream, but I still have hope.

March has been a brainstorming month.  For instance, I did prepare for Camp Nanowrimo in April.  My "March Crunch" brainstorming sessions yielded 17,499 words (or 54 pages) of notes for the ending of my second book.  It yielded some good ideas, but there are still many things lacking.  Same thing for my Coffin story.  The more I brainstorm, the more holes appear, 'til I gnash my teeth in frustration and veg out on T.V. Tropes for half the day.

I don't like to feel like I'm not accomplishing something.  Brainstorming has that effect. I'm mining ideas, which are effervescent nothings.  At first it's fun, because it doesn't feel like work. And then it does.  Suddenly reading becomes researching and daydreaming becomes a slog.  And that's the time to just put it aside and move on.

Sorry, if I'm not making any sense.  On a more positive note, I'm going to Little Tokyo tomorrow.  That should be fun.

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