Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekly Update: 3/23/13

Sometimes you makes plans and they all just get away.  And there's nothing to do but wave them goodbye and start again next week.

I had plans to write and write and leave of off my procrastination from last week behind and finally get caught up.  Then I had subbing gigs all five days of the week.  Excellent for my pocket book, less so for my writing.  I struggled along.  Friday, I went up the hill to my parent's house, just to hang out.  I hoped (but knew better), I'd be able to get some writing done.

But that same Friday, my Grandma was admitted to the emergency room.  Then we found out it might be cancer.

We get more information on Monday, but for now the news is pretty grim.  My grandma is 84 years old.  She's the last grandparent I have left.  Fifties-style curls bob around her head and her face lights up when she smiles.   I think I will have to spend as much time as I can with her and memorize all the little details about her.

Life seems to want to interfere right now.  So, I let it, but still I write on.

Hours Worked: 47

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