Friday, October 17, 2014

Weekly Update: 10-17-14

In a surprising twist, gray fog has been spied in the morning.  Between this and the mildly cool weather, it actually feels like autumn. Suddenly all the pumpkin-themed snacks at Trader Joe's seem inornantely appealing. Visions of Thanksgiving pies and Christmas cookies dance through my head. I can't wait to pull out the old cookbooks and  root through for some fresh new finds.

The beginning of the week started off with a couple subbing jobs that required very little work on my part. On Tuesday, I read all of Neal Shusterman's The Dark Side of Nowhere and still had time to scan a couple writing articles. (By the way, I've enjoyed everything Neal Shusterman wrote.) I thought I had everything under control until Thursday, when my ancient ipad decided to delete all my documents. Fortunately, I had backups on the cloud. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to access them. So I fell behind.

My Pubslush account is now at $550. I came into the crowdfunding expecting nothing, and I feel incredibly grateful for the support. :) I've kept to a strict regiment of brainstorming for Nanowrimo and reading The Changelings to my aunt to check for final mistakes. I worked 3 days this week and I messed around with formatting. So I got some stuff done.

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