Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Last Week's Update: 10-28-14

I got a little sick last week.

A sinus headache collided with stress sickness, resulting in a cloud of mucus in my brain, completely cutting off my ability to focus. Naturally, this came in the middle of 4 scheduled subbing jobs, and by Thursday I felt like a zombie. I took Friday off and crashed.

Crashed like a computer giving the blue screen of death. 

I try to present an organized, discipline face, but underneath it, I am a lazy, mad-scramble mess. This October I'd been doing a fairly good job at balancing subbing jobs, brainstorming, editing, business reseach, chores, and even a little socializing. Such balance was doomed. All it took was one little wobble. Sickness led to getting behind. Getting behind led to feeling overwhelmed. Feeling overwhelmed led to procrastination. And once I stared into that abyss, there was no going back.

Fortunately, I'm back now, healthy and refreshed and trying to pile together the scattered leaves of my life.

* * *

This week, I've received author's photos, my final map, and my bookmarks. I'll be posting all these very soon. I'm so incredibly grateful for these talented people who  have lent me their skills in order to help make my dream a reality. I'm going into my final 3 days of my Pubslush Campaign. So far, I've raised $575. I'm feel humbled that people would chose to give up their money to help me create my first book.

In other news, I've decided that on January 2nd, 2014 I will release the Kindle version of The Changelings, exclusively on Kindle. By summer the next year, I will have a printed physical copy of my book available for sale.

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