Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Now On Daily Science Fiction: What No One Ever Tells You About Becoming Immortal

A couple weeks ago, my first paid published short story appeared on Daily Science Fiction,
 a free online magazine that sends short science fiction and fantasy stories to your inbox. Last spring, they sent me a contract to publish my story, but I didn't know they had published it until it popped up in my email. (Apparently, that's common with magazines.) For those without a subscription (it's free to sign up), you can read the story on the website's archives.

What No One Ever Tells You About Becoming Immortal

Link: http://dailysciencefiction.com/science-fiction/biotech/rebecca-lang/what-no-one-ever-tells-you-about-becoming-immortal

Summary: Nanotherapy offers Diann and her husband the chance to extend her life indefinitely. But what are the costs of these scientific advances?


Case Study: Diann
The first time the doctor smilingly tells her that she's dying, it comes as a shock. It doesn't matter how much Diann thought she prepared herself, those dreaded words hit like a punch to the throat. Cancer. Diann's mind flashes back to those twentieth-century films depicting chemotherapy, bald women, and missing body parts. Her nerves go numb.
At this point the doctor explains that Diann's a good candidate for intensive Nanotherapy.
"A relatively painless procedure. You'll be out of the hospital in less than a week."
To read the full story for free, just follow the link above or click here
How the Story Came to Be: This story came about because I had a root canal. I couldn’t get over how a piece of my body had been removed and casually replaced with something man-made. I pushed the idea to its logical extreme and imagined a future where every part of the body could be replaced. The story poured out after that.
Trivia: Originally, this was written in second person. (The first time the doctor smilingly tells you that you're dying, it comes as a shock.) I changed it to third person at the request of the editors.

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