Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weekly Update: 5-17-14

Wednesday.  11:30 AM.

Five minures before the bell, and I've just finished writing up the teacher's note. The students silently read The Catcher in the Rye.  The air conditioner hums.  All seems peaceful, when suddenly--

Wham! The lights go out.


Another pleasant consequence of the stifling heat.  Fortunately, with only 5 minutes left in class, I just waited for the bell. The next period, I opened the blinds and let the sunshine in.  For an hour, we were deprived of electricity.

It was the most exciting thing that happened thus far this week.

I worked four days this week. I finished another chapter of Three Floating Coffins.  I did some revision.  I wrote a poem.  As the week ends, though, I've been feeling stressed out, because I know that more work is coming.  May and June will be filled with activity. Starting with the weekend.  I have a writer's club get together, volunteering for the library, and a dance rehersal for my cousin's wedding.

Sometimes I wish I could just Blackout my schedule.

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  1. Great end line! Congrats on four days of work. Did some good writing, too!