Friday, January 10, 2014

Weekly Update: 1-10-14

Hello, 2014!

First, my apologies for a lack of entries.  My brain was crushed by the holidays, even as my stomach expanded.  I enjoyed a holiday with my family, including finally meeting (in person) my nephew Tyson.  On a sadder note, I turned 29.  On my birthday, I went to IHOP for free pancakes.  (Actually, my dad ate the free ones, while I opted for Swedish crepes.)

One good thing, the general sloth of the holiday has given rise to a newfound energy and hunger for achievement.  I've begun a flurry of research and brainstorming and goal-setting.  I'm still disorganized but getting there.  As shown by my goals for 2014, I plan to be bolder this year.

One bad thing, I sent out queries and almost immediately got a rejection.  Russell Galen wrote: "I'll be honest with you, though -- this sounds like it might be interesting but not interesting enough for me to set aside time to read nearly a quarter-million words."  

While I'm happy to get an actual reason for a rejection and also glad my query sounded interesting, this pretty much confirms my fears: my book is too long.  It makes me a little sad, because I've tried, several times, to make it shorter.  What can I do?

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