Friday, January 31, 2014

The Necklace of DuChelle... with Pictures

As you know, I recently published my short story, "The Necklace of DuChelle" on Ether.   Yesterday I found out that my story was # 2 on the Top 25 Free Downloads.  YAY!  Thanks to everyone who downloaded it.  To celebrate, I've collected some images that go with the story on pinterest and put them on my blog for you to enjoy.  Hope you like them.
* * *
The Necklace of DuChelle

By Rebecca Lang
            "We are alone now, my dear Leonce."
            In the garden Eleonore reclines on the step of the marble fountain.  A lazy hand skims the surface of the water, like a cat batting at a goldfish. But her eyes are on me.  It is as though she thinks I am the fish or the mouse or the bird—or whatever small creature she wishes to toy with.  But I am not like her other admirers.  I am weak in only one regard: that I am passionately in love with her.
            "I brought something for you, my darling Eleonore."

            I place a golden box on her lap.  To her credit, her eyes do not flit away but continue to linger on my face.  They twinkle, blue as violets.  Sometimes I fancy Eleonore loves me, though it cannot be the constant ache I feel for her.  She is the other half of my soul, and I want to be forever near her.  I want her to be mine alone.
            "I have for you bridal present," I say.  "A final gift before our wedding."
            "Whatever can it be?"
            She lifts the lid.  She smiles. 
            Rows of diamonds drip from a chain, glittering in the afternoon sunlight.  The necklace is extravagant.  Desire glistens in Eleonore's eyes.  She touches the center jewel.
            "How beautiful."
            "It cannot outshine you," I whisper.  "Permit me to put it on."
* * *
For the rest of the story please download the Ether app for your smartphone or tablet and go to this link:  Don't forget to review!

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