Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekly Update: 5-24-13

May is ending.  This is bad news for my spring goals.  I have exactly one week to finish the last chapter in my novel.  In theory, I should be midway through carefully polishing each precious word of my manuscript.  But the last draft I did turned out awful, so now I have to rip my story apart at the seams.  I have exactly one week to finish this before my (self-imposed) deadline looms.  Now the pressure begins.

I got four subbing jobs this week, and three of them were in math.  I never particularily hated math in school.  In fact, I like the flow of logic to algebra and geometry.  But I can't seem to explain it to save my life.  Also, I had Statistics and Calculus, both of which I never learned.  So there I stand before the students, admitting to my utter lack of knowledge and asking them to muddle through it as best they can.  They get noisier and noisier, and I withdraw to my desk to shuffle papers, bored and useless.  The students are waiting for summer and so am I.

Interestingly enough, some have asked about my writing.  I have a fantasy that one day when I'm published, they'll see my name at the bookstore and be like, "Hey, that was my teacher!"

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  1. I sympathize! I finished my horror novel and realized it was indeed horrible and not in a good way so it's now in a box 'cause I don't have the heart to look at it anymore!