Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekly Update: 2/23/12

This week, I learned what an invaluable tool my weekly planner is.  Not because I use it to keep track of important events.  That would imply I have a life.  No, in fact, I use my weekly planner to record the hours spent at work--either subbing or writing.  At the end of each week, I tally them up.  For me, it's kind of exciting to see how much effort I put in.  It helps my self-esteem.

This week got off to a spectacularily awful start.  Monday was President's Day, and I celebrated by going on a lazy binge.  I got nothing accomplished.  Nothing.  To sum up, I browsed the web and watched T.V. and entered a do-nothing trance, that left me hyper and anxious.  I couldn't fall asleep that night, leaving me unable to focus come Tuesday.  Halfway through the week, and I'd already fallen far behind.

Truth be told, at this point in the week, I didn't want to look at my planner.  A cloud of guilt hung over my head.  I knew I had to write and write to make up lost time, yet I was halfway convinced I'd have to write the whole week off as a loss.  As I struggled, I decided to write down my hours and you know what--it turned out to be more than I thought.  My feelings of guilt were blinding me to what I'd accomplished.  By Friday, I'd logged in 38 hours of work, including both writing and subbing.  By Saturday morning, I'd completed a 40-hour work week.

Not too shabby, I think.

Of course, the more exciting news took place last weekend, when I went to Santa Barbara with my parents.  We did some window shopping and walked on the pier and I took a couple dozen pictures of all the lovely statues decorating the streets.  But the most unexpected event was coming out of a pottery store and finding the parametics on the sidewalk right in front of us.  A man lay with dark blood pooling behind his head, his eyes rolled half-back, a parametic holding onto his limp wrist.

I had no idea whether this man was alive or dead, if he'd injured himself or if he'd been lying between planters for hours and no one saw him.  It seemed like a part of a bigger story, but one I would never know.  The poor man.  I hope he was all right. 

Hours Subbing: 12.5
Hours Writing: 28
Total Hours: 40.5

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