Friday, August 15, 2014

Weekly Update: 8-15-14

It took all of Monday and most of Tuesday, but my family returned from Oklahoma safely back to California.

Now, you'd think some 18 hours of being wedged into the backseat of the car would be an enormous time suck, but it was probably the most productive part of my week. During those two days, I beta read Michelle Knowlden's latest Abishag novel, typed a critique for my OC Writer's Club, brainstormed interview questions for my Pubslush account, and read and wrote a review of Suzanne Young's The Program. It seems that being stuck with no TV and no Internet boosts focus.

(By the way, I'll post a review on The Program next Sunday and blog about my travels in Oklahoma the week after that. I wish I could be more timely, but I still use paper and pencil and a non-phone digital camera, which means that it takes forever to assemble my travel narratives.)

Almost immediately upon our return, my parents and sister skipped off to Illinois, leaving me to house-sit, dog-sit, and turtle-sit. I've been editing The Changelings and working on my Pubslush account. It's sort of a rough transitional week, but soon I'll be back in Brea, able to settle in.

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