Saturday, April 12, 2014

Weekly Update: 4-12-14

Spring break.  Ah, how I yearn for your arrival.  Five days of freedom, time to relax, time to catch up, time to admire the bouquet of newly bloomed flowers.  Such is the fantasy.

The reality is that I worked hard for five days, suffered from hay fever, and felt no closer to making my dent in my ever-growing To-Do List.  Sadly, this is the reality of most working vacations. 

My sister got married last Thursday at City Hall.  There was no fanfare, so I decided to create some in my own cheap way.  I made bouquets out of iris and lupine from my dad's garden, took wedding pictures on my digital camera, made white pies, and set out a reception spread using the knick-knacks around my parent's house. It was my way of showing support.  Congratulations Jaime and Paola!

Literary Orange yielded 12 pages of unruly notes, that I am in the process of putting together.  My Camp NaNoWriMo word count is just past 34,000.  I started, but didn't finish, Chapter 30 of my Coffin story.  I got a lecture from my dad about dragging my feet with self-publishing.  I had a meeting at the Brea Library's Writer Club.  I watched way too many crime proceedurals on T.V.

And that's my spring break.

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