Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Now on Ether: The Character Assassination of Julia Kaiser

Today I found out I got my third short story published on Ether.  I sent it in February in hopes that it would get published in March to fit with the theme.  Oh well.  It's less than 1500 words and free to download.


The Character Assassination of Julia Kaiser

Summary: “You can't be smart, pretty, and popular without making a few enemies.” A brief re-telling of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar from the perspective of high school girls.

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"They're out to get you."  The homeless man grips me by the shoulder and pushes his face close to mine.  "It's March," he wheezes.  “When the weather warms up, and the crows come out.  Can't you see their glittering eyes?  They accuse you.  Beware! Beware the eyes of March!"

"Thanks for the advice."  I push his hand off me.  "Here's a dollar for you trouble."

His gazes at me with bloodshot eyes.  "The eyes of March... the eyes of March."

"Creepy old man."  My cousin Otti shudders.

"He's harmless."

"He smells."  She kicks a rock.  "I hate walking."

"Oh, cheer up, Otti.  It's good exercise."

She scowls.  "I told you not to call me that in public."

Ottiviana has always hated her name.  She prefers her middle name—Summer.  Personally, I think she's too stoned-faced and serious to pull it off.

"We aren't in public yet," I say.  "Still a block to school."

"We wouldn't have to walk if you had your car.  That's twice in a month someone's trashed it," my cousin mutters.  "I swear, Julia, someone's out to get you."

How the Story Came to Be: The Brea's Library Writer's Club sponsored a contest which a March theme.  I wasn't feeling the Saint Patrick's Day connection, so when someone mentioned "the ides of March," I jumped on the Julius Caesar theme.  It started off all fun and games, with lots of bad puns and high school drama, but when it came time to "assassinate" Julia, that's when things got dark fast.

How to Use Ether

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If you want to know more about how to submit stories to Ether, see my article, “Publishing on Ether” or go to its website

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  1. Good excerpt, Rebecca. I'll check it out on Ether. I've got stories there too. :) SD