Saturday, June 8, 2013

To Grandma, From Becky

All those times you sat waiting so patiently
At the bench outside Barnes and Noble while I
Read through three books. I just couldn't decide,
So you slipped me money and said to "Go buy."

Thank you.

And thank you for telling me the secret trick
To your cucumber salad. I'll never forget
It's to soak them in salt water for an hour.
Mine will never taste as good as yours does, I bet.

I'm grateful.

At restaurants you piled your food on our plates,
And we never could wrangle the check from your hand.
You display all our art, and you say you're so proud
Of my story, which I know you don't quite understand.

I love you.

Your voice on the phone sounds so bright as you say
"Yasashii mago."  And I call you "kawaii."
For years you took care of me. I only hope
To take care of you, make you smile.  I'll try.

Thank you.
I'm grateful.
I love you.

In Memory of Alice Hisako Toyama, October 28, 1928~June 8, 2013

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  1. A beautiful tribute. I'm so glad you shared it at her service.