Saturday, January 5, 2013

Weekly Update: 1/5/13

At last I'm 28.  The twenties are falling out from under me.  30 looms on the horizon.

I celebrated my birthday at It's a Grind coffeehouse in Anaheim with Michelle and Jean.  The waiter gave me a gingerbread mocha with a heart in the steam.  Later that night, we got Chinese food.  My aunt made me a stack of red velvet cupcakes with exactly 28 candles on them.  I couldn't blow them all out.

Brea Library Writer's Club was a small group today: only five of us showed up.  Ned spoke about an app called Ether Books ( that publishes and lets you read short stories for free.  They'll even pay you for your story if it meets certain criteria.  I should look into it.  There's a Saint Patrick's Day short story coming up in March, but I don't know if I should enter.

I'm so close to finishing Chapter 26, I can taste it.  Literally 1 1/2 pages stand between me and success.  I will vanquish it tonight and check it off my list.

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