Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekly Update: 1/19/13

This week got off to a rough start.  I didn't get enough sleep on Monday, which ruined me for about half the week.  I also spent a lot of time driving this week, practicing for my licensing exam next week.  (Yes, I'm 28 and still don't have a driver's license.)  Worst of all was the sheer amount of editing for my most recent chapter of my fanfiction.  It start off at 10,000 words.  I re-wrote at least 8,000 words, the edited it down to 6,000 words.  That took most of my week.

Compared to last week, I felt lazy and unproductive.  So, I looked over my weekly planner, where I've been recording my work for the week.  It turned out that Monday-Saturday, I worked a full week, betwee my writing and my substituting.

Hours spent on Novel: 18.5
Hours spent on Fanfiction: 23
Hours spent Substituting: 7
Total: 48.5

It's not as good as last week.

Hours spent on Novel: 28.5
Hours spent on Fanfiction/ Other: 5.5
Hours spent Substituting: 21
Total: 55

And that's the weird thing.  I feel guilty for not getting enough work done or enough of the "right" kind of work done.  It's my perfectionism coming up again, I suppose, my persistant worry that nothing I do will ever be enough, that I'm not enough.  Keeping records is a bit helpful, because at least I can look back and say, you know what, I got my hours in, I can rest now.

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