Sunday, June 5, 2016

Weekly Update: 6-5-16 Research

Research devours
my brain. Fuzzy-headed, I
read without restraint. 

Writing Update: I planned to brainstorm and research for Counterfeit Diamond and The Originals this week--just not quite this much. All Memorial day, I found myself staring at maps and pictures of old Batavia and reading wikipedia articles on Kota Tua Jakarta. All day. And then on Friday, I found a series on Netflicks called Ancient Black Ops, and I used that to get inspiration for battle scenes for The Originals. Plans to do many different things fell by the wayside as research consumed me. At least I was thorough.

Inspiration for the Setting of Counterfeit Diamond
Life Update: Hot weather rolling in has caused my sinuses to drain and ants to invade my newly cleaned counters, much to my great annoyance. I scored a couple of jobs, cashed a couple of checks, did my critiques for the Brea Library Writer's Group, and raked in $9 dollars for my weekly Thursday library volunteering. On Wednesday, I had dinner with my friends Michelle and Debra at Mendocino Farms, a new restaurant serving original sandwiches, and on Saturday, I went to Barnes and Noble with Rita. Today I'm going to have a picnic with the Pendragons. So life is going fine.

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