Sunday, June 12, 2016

Weekly Update: 6-12-16 Final Jobs and New Music

Counting down the days 
Until summer. Few jobs left.
Grab them while I can.

Life Update: When I made my To Do List for the week, my brain was already halfway on vacation mode. I was thinking about writing, about marketing, about all the bothersome paperwork of higher education that I had put off. I did not expect to get subbing assignments for all five days this week. I was grateful to get them--in the last days before the drought of summer vacation, I needed to store up what money I could, and every day of work helps. My schedule got scrambled and certain things didn't get done. I wasn't heart-broken. In addition to work and writing, I squeezed in a dance class with my friend Ashley, I finished The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow, and I bought new music for my phone.

Writing Update: Rita told me she listened to love songs while she wrote, and this gave me the idea of constructing a playlist based on my characters from The Originals. I planned to do one for each of my point of view characters, but I only got one, for Mel, which consisted of "Heartless" (Kris Allen), "Twilight Galaxy (Acoustic)" (Metric), "All I Really Want" (Alanis Morisette), "The Hunger Games" (James Newton Howard), "Help I'm Alive" (Metric), "A Narnia Lullaby" (Harry Gregson-Williams), "Abraham's Daughter" (Arcade Fire). Yeah, a weird mix, but this is a character who's been tortured by the villain and is dealing with the ensuing trauma.

Lest you think, I did nothing but play around with music, let me add that I also got a total of forty pages written for both Counterfeit Diamond and The Originals, organized a list of agents, edited half a short story called "Lucidity," edited half a chapter in Three Floating Coffins, and thought of a new story after watching a documentary on glass. So a pretty good week.

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