Thursday, October 8, 2015

Weekly Update: 10-8-15 A Long Week

My mother acts surprised when I tell her that spending five hours with people, even people I know well and like, wears me out. I don't know why, because I've told her and told her that I'm an introvert. I need to spend time alone to recharge.

Time alone is not what I've had this week.

Where to begin?

How about the weekend, where the action is?

Bright and early Saturday morning, I packed six of my books, a handful of bookmarks, and a plastic bin of homemade cards and went to El Dorado High School's Holiday Boutique. Many vendors set up shop here, and my eyes spun at the sight of all the crafts. DeAnna Cameron had set up a cute booth for us via her publicity company Books on the Vine. We talked to potential customers and handed out fliers. It was a valuable learning experience, but I sold nothing.

So at 11:30, I went home and made hamburgers for lunch.

Then I went to the Brea Library Writer's Club.  Right after that, I went to my cousin's house to visit my newborn niece Leilani. I read her five children's books, plus an additional Dr. Seuss book to my cousin Kevin. He's in college.

Sunday I had a Nanowrimo planning meeting at Panera. We spent about two hours going over goals. Directly after that, my critique partners group met to talk over our writing and brainstorm. I arrived home just in time to make dinner, do the dishes, and write even more.

The week began. I had substitute gigs every day of the week so far. Also, I had to brainstorm for Nanowrimo. School I could handle. It's the extracurricular activities that get me.

When I was in high school, the first thing I did after coming home from school was to lock myself in my room and just ignore the rest of the world.

No time for that this week.

Monday, after school, I went shopping and cleaned the house.

On Tuesday, I had a NAMI family-to-family class, which I wrote about last week. At about 4:20, I arrived home from a junior high substitute gig. Literally 30 seconds later, my parents pulled in to the driveway. We went to tacos and came home from the class at 9:30PM. I still had to do my Crunch-tober brainstorming for Nanowrimo.

Wednesday, I made an early dinner and swung around Panera again, for another Nanowrimo meeting. We stayed from 6:00 to 9:00.

Today I volunteer at the library, which is where I'm writing this blog.

So, please forgive me if this hasn't been the most cohernt blog entry. But for me, personally, it has been a very long week.

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