Sunday, November 9, 2014

Taking a Bit of a Break...

Early on, when I began this blog, I got in the habit of postig twice a week. On Friday, I do my "Weekly Update," which is basically a summery of what I've been up to, and on Sunday I try to post "Content," which can be anything from travelogues, to book reviews, to research on the writing industry, to my own little insights on writing and fantasy. The content portion takes at least 2-3 hours to write, often longer than that. That's why I need the whole weekend to work on it.

This month, however, I'm dealing with Nanowrimo, editing/formatting The Changelings, and working as a substitute. Plus, there's the holidays coming up. So I'm going to take off the month of November. Not completely--I'll still do my Weekly Updates. I'm just not sure I can get to writing and posting new contewnt at this time.

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