Saturday, June 14, 2014

Weekly Update: 6-14-14

In agriculture, sometimes a field needs to remain fallow in order to replenish the nutrients and bring about a more bountiful crop. In my three-month cycle, the first month of the season (September, December, March, and June) is put aside for other endeavors. As writing is not the first priority, I have time to replenish ideas.

Meaning, I get to read.

I read Anna Dressed in Blood, a book I picked up from Literary Orange.  It took me 2 months to sit down to read it and 2 days to finish. I also Beta read Debra Young's "A Useful Blind" and Michelle Knowlden's "Jack Fell Down." That, plus 5 days of subbing, kept me busy for the week.

Between watching films in English class, I did sneak in some decent brainstorming.  I'm playing with a story tentatively titled "Counterfeit Diamond," which involves an earthquake, a talking raven, and a diamond ring that gives its owner beauty while stealing her blood. Another story involves a labrynth, a set of unmarked keys, and a forgotten princess. Both stories are currently amorpheous blobs, but maybe someday they'll take shape.

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