Friday, February 14, 2014

Weekly Update: 2-14-14 Valentine's Day

The lovely California sunshine is shining hot, and I saw two big orange-breasted robins hopping on the tree.  Life is good.  

Today, I had a subbing gig, my third one this week.  It being Valentine's Day, there were hearts and roses all over campus.  Choirs interrupted class three times to croon beautiful love songs.  Once I even got to be the recipient of the song.  What happened was this: the person who got the singing gram had left to see his councilor, leaving the ten elegantly dressed students standing awkwardly in the front of the class.  A few students piped up they should sing to me.  Which is how I found myself sitting on a stool, being serenaded to thew tune "I Can't Help Falling In Love with You."

Valentine's Day coincided with International Week.  Students drew banners representing different countries and stuck them on their door.  Today, in the quad, clubs handed out food.  I ended up eating a delicious Hawaiian chicken salad with manadarin orange and nuts and some homemade Finnish cookies which were sweet and gooey and buttery.

I was in a good mood, my students were in a good mood, it was a good day.     

Now I head into a three day weekend.  This Sunday I'll visit to Calico Ghost Town with my dad to see a Civil War re-enactment.  Should be fun.

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