Friday, November 8, 2013

Weekly Update: 11-8-13

NaNoWriMo began with aplomb last Friday.  That same weekend I went to Vegas.  Between visiting my great Aunt Mary, losing $2 at the slot machines, and trying several flavors of delicious gelato at the M casino buffet (Rum Rasin was my favorite), I somehow managed to eck out 5,000 words.  My writing got rolling on the weekdays.  By Thursday evening, I was up to 18,306 words or 65 pages.

On Thurday night, my ipad deleted my documents.

All of them.  Two years worth of documents.

A similar thing happened last year around this time.  I had been typing up my NaNoWriMo when a glitch wiped out a couple thousand words.  But this wasn't just a few pages.  This was several hundred documents.  You know how many hours I put into NaNoWriMo?  You know how many hours I lost?


Because, thanks to last year's glitched, I'd backed up all my important documents.  As soon as I'd finished my 18,306 words, I emailed myself the document.  My uncle's going to try and recover my work, but even if such efforts fail, at least I know most of my writing's saved.  Still, I did lose some of my minor stuff, including next's Sunday's "Dissecting Fantasy" blog.  And I felt shaken and insecure about my technology.  What if I had lost something important?  It's kind of scary.

P.S. My uncle did recover my files from the cloud, so everything turned out all right.

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  1. Oh the horror! My iPhone recently blinked and there went all my passwords. Fortunately some of them were backed up in the secure Password file on the Mac, and others were backed up the old-fashioned way--in a little book. Glad you had a good recovery too! d:)