Saturday, December 29, 2012

Goals and Dreams 2013

Every year I do my New Year's Resolutions, aka, goals for the year.  Unfortunately, I tend to lose the paper I write it on sometime in February and by December, I never know if I made it or not.  So, now I'm posting it on this blog, where it will stay safely until December 2013.  Maybe I'll update as the year goes by and these goals are completed.


These are the serious things that I expect myself to finish before the year's done.  If I don't complete them, I'll probably be very upset at myself.

  • Get Driver's License (July)
  • Finish Posting Fanfiction (by March) (Finished 3-1-13)
  • March-Crunch (500 words a day, 5 days a week in preparation for Camp NaNoWriMo) (Finished 3-27-13, 17499 words)
  • Camp NaNoWriMo in April (Finished 4-26-13, 57207 words)
  • Finish Editing Changelings (Chapter 24, 26, 27, 28, 29) by summer (Chapter 26: Finished 1-5-13; Chapter 24: Finished 1-26-13; Chapter 27: Finished 2-28-13; Chapter 28: Finished 5-12-13; Chapter 29: Finished 6-3-13; Chapter 1: Finished 6-17-13; Total Words: Approx 220,000 or 800 pages)
  • Finish Rough Draft of Originals (Finished 4-26-13, see Camp NaNoWriMo)
  • Finish "Three Floating Coffins" (Worked on it consistently but did not finish.)
  • Begin Credentialing Process (Didn't even start)
  • Crunch-tober (More or less)
  • NaNoWriMo (November) (Completed Company in 21 days)
  • Keep up Blog for the Year (Up until the end.)
  • Keep up Volunteering (Read OC fell though, but still volunteering at library.)
  • Start Submiting Novel to Agent (10 Agents: 8 Rejections and 2 No Replies)
  • Evaluate Goals and Dreams at the end of the year!  (Working on it)

These are all the things I'd like to do that are either out of my control or maybe just ideas to throw out there.  In other words, I might get some of these done, but I'm not going to kill myself if I don't.
  • Get published this year (Didn't Happen)
  • Make enough money to subsist on (Er... sort of.)
  • Learn new, more effective ways of writing (???)
  • Read more fiction (Thus far read: Trickster, The Skull of Truth, a few short stories; The Grimm Legacy; multiple Agatha Christie novels; Across the Face of the World; Daughter of Smoke and Bone; The Scorpio Races; The Rook; etc.)
  • Exercise or meditate for 5 minutes each day (Got off track in spring)
  • Write a screenplay (Ha, ha, No.)
  • Write poems for NaPoWriMo (also April) (See Blog)
  • Finish "Ghost" Story (aka "Company," Complete 11-21-13)
  • Write 12 new short stories (1 per month) (1. The Character Assassination of Julia Kaiser: 2-7-13; 2. Second Chance: 2-10-13... And a few unfinished drafts)
  • After finishing the rough draft, write a new chapter for the Originals 3 times a month (Finished rough draft, re-wrote 6 chapters--not nearly up to par with my goal)
  • Devote a week each month to brainstorming/ research/ short stories/ new stuff (No time)
  • Use Weekly Planner to Keep Track of Events/ Words/ Pages/ Accomplishments (Started Jan and Feb, got off track Mar, April...)
  • Celebrate more! (That's hard to quantify)

As of January 2014, I have marked off the goals I completed reasonably well in yellow, the ones that were not finished and/ or ambiguous (though some effort was made) in orange, and the ones where no progress was made at all in red. 

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