Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sorry for the Lack of Updates

Blame it on Cal-State Fullerton.
It's your fault!
The Spring 2016 semester sprang on me like a hungry tiger, and I reacted like a frightened rabbit, with sudden sprints and stops. Although my normal line of work is substituting, writing and its related activities keep me more than busy. Add in a full-time college work load, and I was scrambling just to keep up.

I'm now actively trying to become an English teacher. I have a BA in Creative Writing; what I need is a single-subject credential. Merely, to apply for the credential program in Cal-State Fullerton, I needed to assemble:
  • An application to Cal-State Fullerton (with fees)
  • An application to the credential program (with fees)
  • Essays for both applications
  • My college transcripts
  • Passing CBEST scores (general knowledge proficiency)
  • Passing CSET scores (specific area knowledge proificency)
  • CPR training certification
  • TB test documentation
  • Fingerprint live scan
  • Recommendation from 2 college professors
  • Personal recommendation
  • 4 Prerequisite courses with 45 hours of classroom observation
  • Pass an Interview
The despair is real.
The Good News: After about 8 months of hard work and studying, I've finally put together everything I needed to apply to the credential program. I even passed my four prerequisite classes with straight As.

The Bad News: I botched my interview and didn't make into the credential program for the Fall 2016 school year.

Supremely frustrating, isn't it? But I have a few options. I can spend fall taking 2 more classes they recommend (but not require) students take before entering the credential program and get those out of the way. I can then apply for the Spring 2017 credential program and hope and pray I get into that. This time, I might not limit myself to applying only at Cal-State Fullerton. I may branch out to other schools.

And maybe someday I'll actually become a teacher.
Anyway, that's my excuse for not updating this blog for 5 months.

However, now that summer is here, I hope to be able to have some more time to write, to do fun stuff, to breathe. We'll see how it goes, but I will try to update more consistently... starting tomorrow.

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