Monday, August 17, 2015

Brea Has a Library? Directions and Parking

It's funny, but even long-term residence of Brea has missed this little, local library. In fact, I almost missed it myself, and it was only because I spotted the bookstore sign that I saw it at all!

For this reason, I've included pictures and a painfully detailed description of how to get to the library.

But I Don't See a Library

The Brea Branch of the Orange County Public Libraries is actually inside the Brea Civic and Cultural Center, which is on the corner of Birch Street and Randolph Street, close to Brea Mall, across from the Post Office, and near the Target shopping center. You should see a gray stone building with a roof of solar panels.

Look for this building!
That's the place. Don't worry if you don't see anything that says library. Trust me, it's in there.

Look for this sign!
For those who prefer google maps, here's the address: 1 Civic Center Circle, Brea, CA 92821

The library is open from 10-6 on Mon and Thurs, 12-8 Tues and Wed, and 10-5 Fri and Sat. It is closed on Sundays. 

I'm Here. Where Do I Park?

In front of the Civic and Cultural Center, you will notice that the road turns into a circle and perhaps a few cars parked inside this area. Now you may be tempted to pull in, but be warned: the parking here is only 10 minutes. It's drop-off parking for people returning books. (The exception is that people with a handicap placard; they may park as long as they want.)

Your best bet is the underground parking. Where is that? Well, if you're driving on Birch, you'll see a cross street that either say Civic Center Drive or Marketplace, depending on which direction you're coming from.

It's between Embassy Suits and a bunch of flags.

Parking is in here!
 As you turn in, you may briefly see this sign.

You're in the right place!
As soon as you go down this street, you'll find it ends and you'll be confronted with a heart-palpitating decision. Left or right?

Help! The road is ending! What do I do?

If you see this, you have chosen wisely.

I'm Parked. Now Where's the Library?

Take the elevators to the Plaza Level (or walk to the ground floor, if you prefer), and you'll come across this curved wall.

The potted plants will guide you to your destination.
Follow it toward the bike rack, the tables, and the drop off circle. But don't go too far. When you see a glass wall with glass double doors and signs that say "Orange County Library" and "Ambassador Church," do not hesitate. Seize the doors and pull!

Even if the doors stick, THEY ARE OPEN! Don't let them intimidate you!

If you see carts in the entrance way and a volunteer sitting at a card table stocked with pamplets, Congratulations, you have found the Friends of the Brea Library used bookstore. Feel free to browse the carts or the shelves inside the little open room for awesome deals. All proceeds go directly to helping the library. If you don't see any bookstore, most likely there wasn't a volunteer that day to open the store.

Go through the second set of glass doors and you'll find yourself in the library.

Um... Where are the Bathrooms?

There aren't any bathrooms within the library itself. However, if you exit the library, make a right turn, follow the curve of the building once again, and head toward the art gallery, you'll see a sign for the bathrooms, hidden between the gallery and the elevators near the police station.

Look for the glass door with "Restrooms" on it.
Rebecca Lang volunteers for the Friends of the Brea Library Bookstore every week. She also goes to the Brea Library Writer's Group the first Sunday of the month at 1:30 and enjoys the variety of guest authors and events the library puts on.

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