Sunday, May 31, 2015

Weekly Update: The End of May

Whew. This month went by in a whirl.

Last weekend, as I mentioned in my previous post, I went to Lightning in a Bottle. It was a crazy, fun New Age art and music festival, and I will spill all the details ad naseum starting next Saturday. But I'll give you a sneak peak. Try and guess what's going on in the photo below.

Monday evening I dropped off my dusty bags stuffed with laundry. The house was a mess, and my mind was a bit spaced out. I'd lost all my previous efficiency and had trouble getting back into my routine. I didn't want to empty dishwashers, fold clothes, make dinners, and get up early in the morning. I wanted to dance. And color. And dream.

Unfortunately, I had no time to recover. My hard copy of The Changelings, my first novel, is scheduled to come out on Tuesday, which means I had this one weekend to get all the tedious-yet-necessary details finished. Details like adding in the edits to my Kindle version, getting in my Certificate of Resale to Createspace (so I wouldn't have to deal with double sales tax), making sure my Library of Congress Number was up-to-date, and other equally boring stuff publishers have to deal with.

Plus the dusty laundry piled in my room!

When I decided to come out with a hard copy of The Changelings, I thought that 6 months would plenty of time to do a good job. But, man, has it gone by quickly. Between getting a full cover from my editor, figuring out how to format the text to Createspace, waiting for the proofs to arrive, getting copies into Beta Readers' hands, re-reading it for the umpteenth time, putting in the final edits, re-formatting for Createspace, putting the changes into Amazon, getting my Sales Permit and Resale Certificate, getting a PO box, getting a Library of Congress Control Number, etc., etc., the time just flew. And now, here I am with days left, praying it all comes together.

I guess we'll know on Tuesday.

Wish me luck!

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