Saturday, April 25, 2015

Weekly Update:4-25-15 Never-Coming Rain, Never-Ending To-Do Lists

This whole week has been teasing us with the possibility of rain. Overcast clouds blew in and squatted in the sky. The temperature dropped below 80. I put on a long-sleeved shirt and dug out my Japanese umbrella from under my bed.

"It's going to rain," my uncle told me on Tuesday. "It's in the forecast."

But Tuesday passed without a drop of water, and Wednesday and Thursday my umbrella stayed dry. Then, on Friday a light patter of rain formed puddles of the sidewalk for about and hour and stopped. And so far that's it. The clouds just sit, while the backyard turns brown and the fountains look like sad concrete pits.

* * *

The first thing I did on Monday was make an impossibly long "To Do" List. It took up an entire page of my yellow legal pad, and that was without adding everyday chores like walking the dogs, making dinner, or emptying the dishwasher. I really didn't think I'd get much done. However, going three days in a row without substitute jobs meant I had extra time to get done the following:

* kept up with Nanowrimo (Currently at 43,000 words)
* read Faust, Part 1 by Goethe
* scheduled Author Visit at Brea Library August 22nd, 11AM, for Michelle Knowlden and I to promote our books
* gave Kaleo (my illustrator) list of errors found in synopsis on the back of the book
* discussed topics for our talk with Michelle
* strategized Book Launch Party (June) with Helen and Kaleo from Brea Library Writer's Club, using suggestions from online
* did a critique for Brea Library Writer's Club, critique for OC Inklings, and Beta read for Michelle
* 2 sub jobs (Mon and Fri)
* worked on blog book review of the Tempest and LA Fest of Books

I don't know if that sounds particularily impressive or not, but for me, it was a lot to accomplish and I'm pretty proud of it. Unfortunately, that barely knocked off half my list, leaving me the weekend to:

* get a sale permit/ certificate of resale, so that I can legally sell my books at my events
* invesitagate alternate distribution options through Ingram's Spark and Quality Books
* start to proof my books for grammar and spelling
* send the library promotional material for their posters of my event
* finish/ post Tempest blog

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. It doesn't include things like grocery shopping for the week, tidying the God awful mess I've made in the living room with all my papers, keeping in touch with family and friends, etc., etc.

The life of a writer, my friends.

Better get to work.

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