Friday, March 7, 2014

Weekly Update: 3-7-14

Everyone procrastinates, right?  

February ended and with it my winter semester.  Spring brings new work, new goals.  March is supposed to herald a month of short story writing.  I also need to get serious about researching my credential and looking for a summer job.   But my brain does not want to get with the program.  It would rather obsess over Frozen and add new pins to my Pinterest account.

Why do we procrastinate?

I think I procrastinate, because I feel overwhelmed and anxious.  Rather than face my mental fear, I run from it, escape into anything but the thing I must focus on.  Weirdly enough, this causes my already weak multi-taking facilities to collapse entirely, narrowing in on the object of my obsession.  But procrastination causes guilt, which boils up inside me like a simmering pot.  When the guilt becomes greater than thew fear, then at last I snap back into action.

Can anything good come out of procrastination?

Weirdly enough, I've found a nugget of goodness can come from the experience.  Some of my pinterest pictures got me thinking of my Three Floating Coffins story.  I re-wrote two vital chapters and brainstormed most of the ending.  Obsessing over Frozen inspired me to look up Hans Christian Anderson, author of "The Snow Queen."  I ended up borrowing a whole slew of fairy tails from the library, along with books on symbols, in order to help inspire short stories.  

That's the good thing about writing.  Anything you do can be recycled into inspiration.

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  1. Love: "Anything you do can be recycled into inspiration." Sometimes we do need to retreat.