Thursday, October 31, 2013

Weekly Update: 10-31-13

Happy Halloween.

This post is a little early, but on Friday I'm going to Vegas, where my mom and I will meet my grandma's sister.  Last Tuesday would have been my late grandma's birthday.  She'd have been 85.  In her honor, my cousins and I met at Farrell's, an old fashioned ice cream parlor.  Grandma had mentioned wanting to go there for her birthday.  So we did.

Given how my social calandar was filled up this week, I'm amazed I got so much writing done.  Yesterday, I finished a chapter in my Coffin story.  Today I finished a chapter in The Originals.  But tomorrow NaNoWriMo starts.  This Halloween might find me hiding in my room as I sneak a head start on my word count.  Scary, I know.

I'm such a party pooper.  But at least I'm wearing an orange shirt.  That's as Halloween-y as I get,

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