Friday, September 13, 2013

Weekly Update: 9-13-13 (Cruise)

Four friends from high school opted for a 4-day cruise off the coast of California.  Carnival's Inspiration took us to Catalina Island and Ensenda and back to Long Beach.  We dined and danced, watched shows, listened to live music, swam and sunbathed, and took about a million pictures a piece.

Best Food: Jamaican Pork.  It was spice-encrusted, tender, and meaty.  The sweet potato mash complicated it perfectly.  I also liked the martini-brased fish, spicy alligator fritters, and not-too-sweet souffle.

Best Drink: Raspberry Margarita.  The funny thing was that I drank it before I even got on the ship, during a Bon Voyage Party at a Mexican Restaurant around Pomona.  The drink was sweet and fruity with just enough alcohol for me.

Best Activity: (Tie) Laughing with all my friends at the stand-up routine of Doug Williams while drinking a virgin pina colada.  Also, whizzing down the "Twister" water slide.  I found that if I pushed off fast, lowered my head, and tilted with the curves, I could make good speed down the blue and orange tubes before hitting the water with a splash.

Best Excursion: La Bufadora Blow Hole in Ensenada, Mexico.  The natural phenomom is named after the sound it makes, which is like a buffalo's snort.  The ocean rushes into a cove, the buffalo rumbles, and a spray of fine mist shoots straight up in your face.  Awesome.

Best Spontaneous Moment: Eating lunch on the ship while docked at Catalina Island and seeing pods of dolphins swimming everywhere.  It was so spontaneous I didn't even have my camera.

Overall Impression: It was nice to feel taken care of, to not have to worry about planning meals or doing chores or answering emails or researching activities.  My friends and I got to play like kids without a care in the world.  It was a good time.

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  1. You should do travel writing! I felt like I was there.